LPOP key [count]

Removes and returns the first elements of the list stored at key.

By default, the command pops a single element from the beginning of the list. When provided with the optional count argument, the reply will consist of up to count elements, depending on the list's length.

*Return value

When called without the count argument:

Bulk string reply: the value of the first element, or nil when key does not exist.

When called with the count argument:

Array reply: the values of the first elements, or nil when key does not exist.


  • >= 6.2: Added the count argument.


redis>  RPUSH mylist "one"
(integer) 1
redis>  RPUSH mylist "two"
(integer) 2
redis>  RPUSH mylist "three"
(integer) 3
redis>  LPOP mylist
redis>  LRANGE mylist 0 -1
1) "two"
2) "three"